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Dingo Stump Grinder Attachment 

Dingo Stump Grinder Attachment 


The Toro Dingo Stump Grinder easily attaches to either Dingo or Dingo TX compact utility loaders. Make grinding stumps quicker and more productive with the stump grinder attachment for your Toro Dingo.


  • Great for tree stump removal
  • Great for hard to access areas
  • Great for eliminating roots
  • Cuts 16.5" (41.9 cm) Below Grade: Allows for efficient removal of deep roots
  • Direct Line of Sight: From operator position to cutting blade increases accuracy and efficiency in removing stumps. It takes finger-tip action alone to eliminate the stump with the Dingo's easy-to-use controls.
  • Indexing Head: Index position of blade adjusts up to 30-degree, allowing easy removal of roots.
  • Replaceable Teeth: Twelve (12) bolt on carbide tipped green teeth, provide long life and easy changeability.

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