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Kubota Backhoe Attachment for 4wd Kubota Tractor 

Kubota Backhoe Attachment for 4wd Kubota Tractor 


  • Kubota Built Backhoe – Kubota’s backhoes are built by Kubota and specifically designed to maximize the performance of the backhoe and tractor
  • Easy-to-Remove – The Kubota BH70 is easily removed without the use of tools
  • Reversible Seat – Increases operator comfort by using the existing full size operator’s seat
  • Optional Mechanical Thumb – Adding a thumb increases versatility and makes lifting objects even easier
  • Ease-of-Use – Designed with plenty of dig depth and reach, smooth hydraulics, cushioning valves to prevent shock when the dipper reaches the end of the cylinder stroke and ample room for the operator, you will find the BH70 is not only easy-to-use, but a pleasure to work with

This product is to be used with the 4wd Kubota Tractor w/ Front End Loader. 

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